July, On Paper

It may be ironic to discuss a digital detox here online, but come the holidays an absolute favourite past-time is to stock up on and devour all things paper!  Yes, our electronic devices are never too far away, but there is something so luxurious about turning actual pages, dog-marking novels, wiping coffee drips away, and sharing a pile of current magazines...simply, perfectly, heaven.  Below, discover what we've been reading this month.


An engaging "whydunit" from the best-selling author of The Goldfinch, this is Tartt's first novel which opens with the confession of a murder and slowly unfolds from there.  The apprehension of "why" predominates your mind, creating tension as you worry about what will happen to the narrator, Richard Papen. Blending a modern college campus locale with ancient Greek myths cleverly, The Secret History delivers a story peppered with wise sayings and age-old quotes, charismatic characters, an obsession with beauty and a belief in fate - all of which combine to create a chilling, compelling tale that involves you in an intelligent, secret club. 


MAGAZINE TO CONSUME |  Self Service No. 43


We're long time lovers of Self Service, the bi-annual fashion and culture tome produced by Ezra Petronio and Suzanne Koller. The latest issue was brilliantly curated by Melanie Ward, famed stylist and London gal extraordinaire. Hitting the stands with four diverse covers that reflect the breadth of Ward's vision, ours has Aussie mega model Abbey Lee Kershaw oozing cool with her rainbow hued hair. A feast for the eyes and a intelligent read too, this hard back beauty kept us occupied for hours.