September, On Paper

It may be ironic to discuss a digital detox here online, but every month our favourite past-time is to seek some time out from the constant stream of emails, feeds and fodder, find a quiet nook and devour all things paper!  Yes, our electronic devices are never too far away, but there is something so luxurious about turning actual pages, dog-marking novels, wiping coffee drips away, and sharing a pile of current magazines...simply, perfectly, heaven.  Below, discover what we've been reading this month.

NOVEL TO READ | The Wrong Girl

It's true.  We're biased.  Having supplied some super-chic pieces for the star's tv wardrobe we knew we'd be hooked on the book that started it all!

Zoe Foster Blake's 'The Wrong Girl' is a laugh-out-loud entertaining read. Completely relatable, Zoe's written voice is as she speaks (pretty darn funny if you ask us).  We just can't help but fall for protagonist Lily and her ways, the modern rituals of Sydney life, and charming love interest
A great, easy read about life's collision points of love, career, friendships and loyalty, a coming of age of sorts. Perfect for the morning commute or a beach-side weekend away, devour the book and then catch up on the TV version because the wardrobe is so damn cute!