March, On Paper

It may be ironic to discuss a digital detox here online, but every month our favourite past-time is to seek some time out from the constant stream of emails, feeds and fodder, find a quiet nook and devour all things paper!  Yes, our electronic devices are never too far away, but there is something so luxurious about turning actual pages, dog-marking novels, wiping coffee drips away, and sharing a pile of current magazines...simply, perfectly, heaven.  Below, discover what we've been reading this month.

NOVEL TO READ | Truly Madly Guilty


If you're not already on the Liane Moriarty bandwagon, now is definitely the time to join! Truly Madly Guilty is the latest instalment from the highly acclaimed, New York Times best selling author.

Centered around the mysterious events that take place at an ordinary Sunday BBQ between friends, Moriarty has composed a piece of work that is both fascinating and a gripping insight into the most fundamental relationships in our everyday lives. Marriage, sex, parenthood and friendship all take center stage in this extremely well written novel which casually and effortlessly jumps between the minutes, days and months both before and after the event of that one fateful day.

Small actions can and will change the course of ones life forever, as documented in Truly Madly Guilty. Be prepared to be taken for a ride with this one, as the insights given by Moriarty will have you hooked and will force you to ponder the relationships that you yourself have with those nearest and dearest, that you love the most.

We can guarantee even if this is your first Liane Moriarty read, it most definitely will not be your last!




You had us with the Issue Title, RUSSH.  Power Women.  Yes please.  
It's the flavour of the past few months (thanks, Trump), and while it might seem that feminism is the new fad we certainly hope that the slogans and sentiments imbed themselves into the psyche of both old and new generations.  Cue the image of 90 year old New York grandmother with her sign lamenting "I can't believe I still have to protest this fucking shit".  


We love RUSSH's ideas of 'Power Women', always told beautifully and with a unique point of view in both written and pictorial stories.  If you haven't poured through this gorgeous issue, grab your copy now and block out some time this weekend.