Grace x Giant Steps


Our Limited Edition Charity Holiday Totes are back for 2016/17!

This time every year, as we're all readying ourselves for the holidays, we like to think about the small, kind gestures that can go a long way to benefitting others.  It seems a natural thing to do, our way to pay it forward as it were.  Plus, it's win-win - a chic tote with many a purpose, that saves on disposable bags, and does good too given that every cent of proceeds is donated to a charitable cause each year. 

This season your purchase of a tote assists Giant Steps, a school for children and young adults with autism. Established in Melbourne in February 2016 due to the high demand for autism specific services, Giant Steps provides best practice teaching and facilities for children on the spectrum helping them develop and function in society.  Having toured the school personally, it was eye-opening and inspiring to witness the students and faculty at work.

Giant Steps caters for students from all socio-economic backgrounds and does not charge fees. However, the cost per student per annum at Giant Steps is $90,000 and government funding currently covers only 45% of this cost. The remainder is raised through donations and fundraising events. There are currently 11 students enrolled and  over 90 students on the waiting list, so we hope we can do our part to support this amazing organisation and in some way, big or small, enable as many children access this incredible school!

We’re so proud to support this life changing organisation and hope you get behind them as well!
Happy Holidays!