Aurelie Bidermann

If you were to mix together Palm Springs, Rio, Paris and Jaipur, or perhaps Bianca Jagger with Patrick Modiano, you would get a true sense of the myriad, exotic and lovely influences that provide constant inspiration to French designer Aurelie Bidermann

Born and raised in Paris Aurelie grew up with parents who collected Art Nouveau and Oriental Art, travelled extensively and immersed her in culture.  From the jungles of South America to the cobalt waters of the Pacific, the motifs, histories and colours of these places and movements can be seen throughout her beautiful work - everything from turquoise to emerald, ladybugs and scarabs to four-leaf clovers and gingko, Antiquity, Navajo and the Seventies! As such, Aurelie Bidermann's stunning jewellery collections instantly evoke an "I-want-to-be-her" desire.  The femininity, the elegance, the exoticism and luxe bohemian spirit are all reflected in the timeless but modern idea of the luxury of gold with the simplicity of denim. A concept that sees us adding to our collection of her pieces season after season, piling them on together and building a nonchalant, layered and chic history of our own.

Truely focussed on her craft, Bidermann's collections are all handmade in Paris by the finest craftsmen, showcasing French expertise with the impeccable finishing of every piece. Fusing the finest materials (gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones) with soft cotton threads and hammered, embossed, braided and engraved details, Aurelie Bidermann effortlessly captures a certain 'joie de vivre' in her pieces that finish any look with polish, charm and that French girl cool factor we covet!

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